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                               The New Sixty-Sixty 2018       

In 2018 the Sixty Sixty will see many changes starting with higher monthly fees due to the Deadbeat Owners who have not paid a single penny in almost 29 months and now find themselves in Foreclosure but hopefully before 2018 is over the Deadbeats will be GONE and replaced with responsible Owners who pay their monthly fees and follow the rules and regulatiions defined in the Sixty Sixty Condo Documents that every Unit Owner is legally obliged to abide by and follow upon acceptance of an Ownership Deed.  Hopefully when the Deadbeats are gone so will the financial problems associated and linked to them and the Condo and HU Fees will start to decrease to a more affordable level.  

So - once the problems, which are all money related and caused, linked, or otherwise  tied directly to  the Deadbeats what’s NEXT for the Sixty Sixty?  The answer is a New Beginning with a new Hotel Program as the foundation of “Success” for all Owners at the Sixty Sixty.  [ Click Here ] and see the New Hotel Operation that merges two properties into One and guarantees higher rates and better occupancy to our building.  Welcome to the Casablanca on the Ocean East & West Tower.  Yes, we are the West Tower. 

In 2018 Sixty Sixty Owners can now join the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club and put their unit to work earning exceptional returns on a 120 month contract.  Owners can earn revenue from both sales and rental of their unit weeks as part of the new SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club Program now open to all Sixty Sixty Condo Owners.  Contact: Mily Gomez-Schecher at the Management Office for complete details or email 


Sixty Sixty offers a unique form of Hotel Condominium ownership on Miami Beach but ownership of a unit at Sixty Sixty comes with many restrictions.  Unlike other residential condos on Miami Beach, Sixty Sixty is a Hotel and not a residential condominium.  In addition, Sixty Sixty is not your typical Condo due to the unique ownership structure of the real property (building) as well as the unique condominium documents and by-laws that make up the condominium association for the  Sixty Sixty Condominium Association.  

The Sixty Sixty property (Building, Garage, Parking Lot)  are  owned by the Hotel Unit Owner (HU).  The HU owner owns  what the documents refer to as the "Share Components”  of the building.  It is the Hotel Unit Owner (HU) that has the responsibility to maintain  the building.  It is the responsibility of all Unit Owners to fund the annual budget and any budget deficiencies that may occur from time to time as related to the operation of the building.  In fact the Condominium Documents are very clear as the Unit Owners must fund 100% of the operation of the building as set by the Hotel Owner (HU).

The Hotel Operation is owned and operated by Casablanca Rental Services (CRS) and because of the unique relationship between the HU Owner (Schecher Group) and the Hotel Company (Casablanca Rental Services) the SIXTY SIXTY has been rebranded as  The New Casablanca on the Ocean West Tower.  What this means for Sixty Sixty Unit Owners is more amenities and more rental revenue as the Sixty Sixty has become the official “Sister Property” to the Casablanca which is also uniquetly owned by the Schecher Group.  In 2018 the SIXTY will experience tremendous improvements in both operations and hotel services for guests with many new and exciting upgrades like: New Vacation Club Affiliation, New Oceanside Breadfast Club and GYM and a fantastic Cabana Club with beach amenities which includes lounge chairs and unbrellas for all registered hotel guests.  In 2018 the Hotel Operator will provide a Complimentary Shuttle Service between Hotel Towers as well as complimentary transportation to local restaurants in the immediate area.  


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